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3 Good Reasons to use Azure Functions

Often, when you are taking into account the different variables to choose the right services for your architecture, it may be extremely difficult, especially with the wide offering of Azure.

As a data professional, from long a list of reasons to use Azure Functions, these are 3 main characteristics that I consider when using Azure Function and not an IaaS or On-Premises Systems (cost effective out of scope!).

Specific Tasks

You definitely cannot see Azure Functions as a whole like a C# or Java Visual Studio project. Azure Function allows you to execute specific tasks. Think about it as a relationship of 1-to-1 where each Azure function will execute 1 task. Refreshing the Azure Analysis Services tabular model or using cognitive services are good examples (more examples).

Besides this, we are already able to use the traditional Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to have version control and a friendly environment for developing Azure functions, but there is a long way to go.

Lack of Infrastructure

In a scenario where you don’t have or you won’t have any infrastructure available for your solution, Azure Function provides all the benefits of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product.

Create, Use and Delete

Are you looking for a temporary solution? Azure will allow you to create the function that you need for a short period of time and delete it after you finish.

Would you replace any of these reasons?

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