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About me

Data has become the core of business decisions.

I’m David Alzamendi, a Microsoft Certified Professional and Data Architect. Currently based in Brisbane, Australia, I’ve been working in the Data Analytics area since 2011. I am passionate about the positive impact data can have on our lives, businesses, world economies, and the environment.

Through living and working abroad in Argentina, Spain, and Australia, I have acquired international work experience. My creativity and optimism have helped me solve problems that others said were impossible. Data has always been important, but technology is continuously evolving which makes data essential.

With each change comes more available knowledge and while investigating and utilizing new technologies, I’ve become a data enthusiast. What does this mean? Let’s keep it simple:

Being a data enthusiast means I enjoy helping people make the right decisions and wherever I go, I try to transmit and share my passion for teamwork, collaboration, data, information, and statistics. Likewise, I look forward to continuously learning about these subjects, ensuring quality in and commitment to the solutions I provide.

About this blog

In this blog, you’ll find subjects that I have enjoyed learning about and am ready to share with you. From reviews to technical help using Microsoft technologies, opinions based on personal experience to professional development articles, I hope this blog serves as a resource as well as a springboard for new ideas.

David is a Data Architect at:

Wardy IT



Data Analytics

Business Intelligence

Data Warehousing


Power BI


Big Data

SQL Server Analysis Services

SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Integration Services

Database Administration