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Adventure Works Database with Data from 2020

In this blog post, you’ll find an Adventure Works DW database version with up-to-date data you can use to create demos, practice, and learn. 

Download the Database

Download the backup for the Adventure Works database with data from 2020 from the following link: 

GitHub Link

I’ve always used the Adventure Works DW database for demos and as a reference because it gives you a lot of good artefacts to explain different Data Warehouse component.

You can also easily build reports using non-real information that make sense to your clients.  

Additionally, you can use it for studying and learning. 

Updating the Database

The data available in the database is outdated. Microsoft hasn’t continued adding more recent data. The maximum date in one of the fact tables was from January 2014, so I decided to run a few scripts to update the data.

Creating this new version of the database wasn’t difficult at all. I just updated the existing information to be more recent! So, if the date is 2014, add a few years… and convert it to 2020.  

I had to delete some foreign keys to facilitate the modifications and compress some tables to be able to publish into Github (let me know if you have any issues). 

Of course, you need to avoid some other dates like BirthDate or HireDate. 


Now you have an up-to-date Adventure Works database for creating solutions and without feeling outdated! 

What’s next?

In upcoming posts, I’ll continue to explore some of the great features and services available in the data analytics space within Azure services.   

If you have any questions or there is anything specific that you’d like to learn about, please leave me a comment below!

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